A reflection of an old game we use to play when we were young came up on mind when I started thinking about this article. The ever popular ‘hide and seek’ game which is played by children, is an amazing game which when you search virtually the same house and you won’t find your colleagues. The extension of this game in real life is also true. The same person called you will be missing in the picture, but I was told that when you are in the picture, you only see the frame.  As to how true it was I just woke up to find it this morning.

The problem with humanity is that a lot of people cannot identify themselves in the picture, some call it IDENTITY CRISIS but I call it the stolen ME. I can remember clearly when my mother use to tell me every Sunday morning to look into the mirror and check how I look, but I grew to the reality that the mirror was just lying about ME, by identifying corruptible sand and ignoring the very essence of me. My body cannot represent ME, but the ME live beneath the body. How can a package be more respected than the product itself. The day the ME will live the package it will be thrown into the garbage not to be remembered again. After all, the same people who shower love on me will agree that the package cannot litter the house again so they should bury it, very funny.

The concept of two in a person starts from birth, “for this reason a man will leave his mother and father be joined to his wife and the two shall be one” the only time this scripture becomes true is when you are born, you represent the one that the bible is talking about. The scripture also says “when two or three are gathered in my name then I the LORD, is represent”. God knew that the human being qualifies in this regard, that is why He set the number that form quorum for his presence as two. That is the self and ME.  Let’s differentiate between SELF AND ME. The self always take the center stage, that is why when you start schooling your teacher employs you to know SELF and if you mistakenly write about ME they consider you an empty head.

Spiritual Physical
Operate by faith Operate by senses
Eternal Corruptible
Originate ideas Acts on information

I was on way to work when I saw ME crying that SELF has taken the steering wheel from him, but in partnership there is strength so I promised him of conveying his message to SELF, the very reason for this article. There is a LION sleeping in you, the very day you will activate it, you can then quote the scripture “calling the things which be not as if they are” because everything will be possible to you.

The reason why ME is crying is that he will be held accountable for all the works of SELF that is why they are always in constant war for dominance. My only concern for writing this article is to reconcile the two for progress. When a house fights against itself it will surely fall. The greatest people on earth are the people who know this secret and have come to terms with it. This is what I call RE-INVENTING YOUR SELF.I  may not meet you in person although is in plan to do so, but start thinking about this message very well. I will be speaking in a location closer to you very soon. Watch out for “PLATFORM OF CHANGE” ALL MEN WERE CREATED THE SAME, SO DISCOVER YOURSELF AND BE GREAT. God said “LET US CREATE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS”. SO SMALL gods think. My favorite scripture in the bible is “as a man thinketh so is he”

The information people carry about you is yourself, so leave and move on. I am schedule in my litenary to speak to about one hundred thousand people for this year only,you will meet SELF AND ME in your location. And watch out for new TV show “PLATFORM OF CHANGE”



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