Tips to eliminate bad vagina odors

Up to 70% of women will suffer from bad vaginal odors at some point in their lives. For a small number, this is a one off problem that disappears on its own. For the majority, however, this is a persistent problem which blights women’s lives, reoccurring over many years.

For some women, the problem is so severe that it becomes noticeable by other family members of even work colleagues. When this is the case it is excruciatingly embarrassing and leaves the woman in no doubt that she needs to take action.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help eliminate bad vaginal odors. One of the simplest steps is to ensure that you always wear cotton panties and avoid tight fitting trousers and pantyhose. Cotton will allow air to circulate, whereas the restrictive property of synthetic fabrics means that an ideal breeding ground for bacteria is created which will worsen any bad odors. One common cause of bad vaginal odor is, rather surprisingly, overwashing. This can have the effect of depleting the usual secretions which help maintain the health of the vagina. It is therefore advisable not to wash more often than twice daily. Linked with this is the use of perfumed products around the vagina and douches-these can be harsh and the chemicals in them can cause an imbalance, triggering off the formation of unpleasant smelling discharge.

Another way of preventing odor is to ensure that you change your sanitary protection frequently. In addition, avoiding tampons overnight can help, as leaving these in for longer lengths of time can cause bacteria to be harbored. Some women also find that using thin panty pads can help absorb milder odor and these can be frequently changed throughout the day.

As far as intercourse is concerned, sometimes the change of a sexual partner can cause an imbalance of the natural bacteria in the vagina, thus causing unpleasant odors. During a time when you are noticing a particularly bad bout of vaginal odor, you can help minimize this by using condoms.

You may find that these simple measures helpful. However, for many women, the cause of their bad vaginal odors is bacterial vaginosis. This is a condition caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria present within the vagina. The symptoms include itching and burning of the vaginal area, a gray or white thin discharge and an offensive fishy smelling odor.

If you think you could have bacterial vaginosis, there is a simple, guaranteed 3 Day cure which will show you how to eliminate bad vaginal odors once and for all. You will get relief from the unpleasant symptoms within hours and the natural balance within your vagina will be restored completely in three short days. Best of all, you will learn exactly how to prevent any future attacks-a godsend if you are one of the many women who suffer from repeat attacks.

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