Why Ghanaian ladies are as sexy as cheese!

When I first heard the song by Castro featuring Black Stars striker, Asamoah Gyan, I laughed my head off. How on earth is cheese sexy? When Ghana played against England on 29th March, I heard the song innumerably on radio. Several exchange of tweets with my elder and brother, A. Hammagaadji brought the topic. He lives in the US, isn’t a Ghanaian but wants to visit the country whose ladies are as sexy as cheese. Fantastic!

Ghana is noted in the world to be a peaceful place. In Africa, we happen to be haven for refugees from neighboring countries. Ghana is the land of the kente. Ghana is the second leading producer of cocoa in the world (We will be first in no time). Ghana is the friendliest nation in Africa and the eleventh in the world. I can say a lot about Ghana but the last is…..Ghana is the country whose ladies are as sexy as cheese. Yeah you heard me right. Castro and Baby Jet believe that cheese is sexy and I am tempted to believe so since I love cheese so much.  I hardly masticate bread without cheese or margarine.

Cheese was most likely discovered, probably by accident, rather than invented. I guess someone left some milk out, forgot about it and the milk coagulated. The individual may have been too hungry to throw it out, so tried it instead and found it didn’t taste as bad as anticipated. Over the next 4,000 to 6,000 years, no one knows how the art of making cheese was slowly perfected. Below are some of the reasons Ghanaian ladies are as sexy as cheese.


The root of the English word “cheese” is the Latin “caseus”, which also gives us the word casein, the milk protein that is the basis of cheese. Yes… Ghanaian ladies know their roots. They know where they are coming from. Have you ever wandered in town on Sundays after church? Ok, how about on Fridays? Ladies adorn traditionally rich clothes ranging from kente to “ahwenepa nkasa.” The latter literally means “good things don’t speak for themselves.” Every lady however the face, looks so good in what we call “African wear.” They show all the contours, curves….you name them. I know very well that pastors suffer on Sundays when they are on the pulpit because our ladies look so stunningly beautiful in their local/African dresses. The Ghanaian lady also knows something about her culture. They are polite, courteous, respectful and full of life.


Variety they say is the spice of life. Although most cheese is produced from cow’s milk, it can and has also been made from a plethora of milk-producing animals like goat and sheep. The Ghana lady is the definition of variety. There are the short, tall, black, fair, slim and stout ladies. Each one can sweep you off your feet. The variety permeates every part of her life. She knows how to dress for every occasion (some don’t nowadays) ….what to do to keep her man happy….how to keep herself fresh and attractive all the time. Seriously, the ladies rock! They know how to cope with every situation and are supportive even in times of persecution and difficulties.


“A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naïve, and it may be over sophisticated. Yet it remains cheese, milk’s leap toward immortality.” – Clifton Fadiman. Everyone loves natural things. Natural food they say is the best. The Ghanaian lady is natural. She isn’t “made in China.” Her nails, hair and skin are always a beauty to behold. I believe strongly that Ghanaian ladies are the best when it comes to satisfying their partners in bed. Yeah, I said that because it is true. “A dinner which ends without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin says.

I must agree with Asamoah Gyan (Baby Jet) that Ghanaian ladies are sexy as cheese. If you have one, take very good care of her. If you don’t, you are really missing out!