7 worst ways to break up with the Ghanaian woman


They are the most beautiful women on planet earth. They are very intelligent. They help build their men. They make homes lovely and they raise their children very well. That is the definition of the Ghanaian woman. I believe that the bad ones…yeah you can’t get all of them to be angels…. should also be treated with respect even if all they do is negative. Below are some of the worst ways to break up with the Ghanaian woman who is sexy as cheese.

7 With Clichés

Let’s just be clear here. Saying: “It’s not you, it’s me” is ridiculous. You’re breaking up with her. You don’t want to be with her. There’s something (or some things) about her that you just aren’t into. Also, saying: “Let’s be friends” is plain disrespectful. If you’re ditching the situation, you owe her the respect of taking a step back. Leave her alone. If you ended it, you have no say on the friendship potential. That’s her choice and you need to suck it up, stay away and ditch the cliché mode as it is definitely one of the worst ways to break up with a woman. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Can you? So stop that trick. Hehehehe…

6 Remotely

Yes, this is the 21st century but breaking up is pretty much stuck in the past. Don’t even think about ending it online. Dear Ama letters have always been disastrous so the modern equivalent via e-mail is completely unacceptable and flagged as one of the worst ways to break up with a woman. Phone call breakups have never been easy, so be a man: Do it in person. And if all this doesn’t tell you that text messaging is an absolute no-no, you’re probably too far gone to be helped anyway. Hi Ama, I can’t do this anymore. Dude, you can do better than that. Be brave because you were when conning her. Aba!

5 By Assumption

Sure, you’re clear on how you feel, but you’d better be sure she is too. Don’t take it for granted that a brief mention of how things aren’t going terribly well will be accepted as an end to the affair. What you say can be taken a number of different ways. You need to make sure that you limit this possibility for interpretation, so spell it out. Don’t count on anything less than a clear statement that the relationship is done. If you’re not saying it, she’s not going to hear it. That’s how hardcore some Ghanaian ladies are. Beware!

4 Through Provocation

When a little boy pesters a little girl, it usually means that he has a thing for her. If, instead of getting straight to the point, you turn pestering into provocation to locate a convenient moment to dissolve the partnership, this is going to be mighty confusing, annoying and angering for her and it’s one of the worst ways to break up with a woman. Sure, you may disagree over Kotoko and Hearts of Oak, NPP and NDC and even the best secondary school in Ghana but if you make this the relationship-defining issue, you can count on being confirmed as crazy. Bet you beat Kwaw Kesse to it. Abodam!

3 Publicly

Though from the outset, it may seem like a good idea to break the news in a public place, it’s like a no-man’s land, and that’s just the problem. With public breakups there’s no telling what might happen. In this situation, the event is simply not contained. If she gets upset, then you’re responsible for making her cry in public. If she’s angry, you look bad as well. Public humiliation is never desirable (for you or her), so close the door to this possibility and stick to locations that offer you and your soon-to-be ex a level of privacy. Behold the Accra Mall!

2 By Cheating

It’s guaranteed that it’ll be over if she finds out you’ve cheated but you’ll also be forever known as the bastard she caught cheating. It doesn’t matter how much you want to get out or how much another woman catches your fancy, you’re bound to look bad if there’s any awkward overlap. Also, once you’ve done the deed, you’re technically available immediately but if you want to up the positive-memory potential, you’ll probably want to wait it out a bit before bouncing back into the dating scene. Some Ghanaian guys even flirt in public so their ladies will notice and that will eventually end the relationship. Yeah, the ladies know that trick now!

1 Through Avoidance

Again, clarity is the best policy. Yes, if you just quit answering phone calls, texts, e-mails, and your door, she’s bound to get the message, however, she’s also bound to get mighty upset and you should know this is the worst way to break up with a woman. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment because it will take time and energy to dodge and weave between repeated cracks at communication– take the high road and end it with dignity. She’ll most certainly still be hurt but she won’t be left with the image of you as an unfeeling, insensitive ass who won’t pick up the phone. Be a gentleman who is also sexy as cheese!

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