This association was born in January 2010 and incorporated in January 2011. The main objective for forming it is to help build a stronger African brand for Africans by Africans.

It must be put on record that this association is not a supporters union but to turn abstract subscription of Glo into community helping hands through physical friendship. The association currently has around 5,600 members on facebook and other social networking sites. Some of the activities of the association include;

  1. Glo Green Ghana– which will function as a tree planting arm for the association to help turn deforested lands into green forest. This activity is in line with the world climate agenda against green house immersions. The slogan for this arm of association is “whiles we talk we turn Africa green.”
  2. Glo Rural Aid – This will be into rural community development by providing basic social amenities like boreholes, direct supply of second hand clothes etc. The slogan for this arm of the association is “ Glo together with you will bright the corner you are”
  3. Glo tertiary debates– will help to put to test the minds of our intellectuals in our various tertiary institutions on national issues in non-partisan topics to bring the best out of them. The slogan for this arm is “Glo- helping tertiary minds to flourish.”
  4. Glo cultural platform– will bring together all community cultural troops into a battle on a national stage to show our rich culture. The slogan for Glo cultural platform is “our culture, our identity”
  5. Glo health awareness – will sample some diseases and create awareness and screening in our various communities. We will also organize and allow the various fitness associations into our association. “Our health is our wealth”
  6. Glo empowerment summit– shall help young graduates prepare for the job market by providing training. Those who want to be entrepreneurs will also be trained for the corporate world.
  7. Glo community games – will bring fun into our various communities by bringing face to face local football and basketball groups into battle. Lesser known sports like snooker will also be encouraged.
  8. Glo teaching Aid – will seek to help young members by organizing free vacation classes for them. Senior members will be encouraged to volunteer to teach in various communities. But there shall be rewards at the end of the exercise. The slogan is “Education is the preserve of all”

All these activities are geared towards strengthening the bond between Glo and its customers and to portray GLO as a real partner for development.

A membership ID card will open a world of opportunities for you.  Join and let’s move Ghana forward!