I am going to keep this simple and straight to the point. That is one thing I learnt from the Royal Wedding. Without mincing words, let’s check the following:

  1. Respect for time

Time is the only thing that we equally have on earth. 24 hours for each person. 3 days for each individual. Why did I say 3 days? Three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday is the past and we take lessons from that, today is now and we make choices. Tomorrow is the future and today defines that. We live in a part of the world where time is so neglected. From the president to the ordinary citizen. The Ghana Man Time (GMT) has defined the way we do things. I observed that everyone was at the wedding on time. Even the Queen was 1 minute earlier than the time that she was supposed to show up. Let us learn something from that because I remember a cadet boy collapsing when I was in secondary school during a speech day because the president at that time who was the Guest of Honor was one hour late for the function. The boy couldn’t stand for that long.

2. Ladies have a new yardstick and dreams now.

I love the way some people dream. And yes it is good to dream. Some even went to the extent of fighting over Prince William on twitter. How interesting! Someone who was getting married.  The gentlemen of today have a problem. The ladies saw something and that has been etched on their brains. ‘It is either a wedding like this or nothing else’ someone said. Can the guys do it? I don’t think that is possible so I plead with the ladies to lower their expectations a little bit. We can’t spend millions on the wedding and have nothing to spend afterwards. Investment is very important. There is difference between a wedding and marriage and the latter is not a joke.

3. From a commoner to a princess

That was the headline on CNN. I believe that Kate now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge never in her life envisaged getting married to someone from the royal family. She was a nobody. Someone from a very humble family. If an angel had descended from heaven and given her that prophecy, she might not have believed and yet she is now living the life. No matter your beginning… no matter where you are coming from… no matter your family, you can be a great, influential and respected person in the society. That is one thing we should not overlook for a second. As you live, there is hope for the future. Never ever quit. When I talk to people who have tried committing suicide, I marvel at how they think. You don’t know what you will get while you are alive. The Book of Proverbs says that, “a live dog is more important than a dead lion.” You will be somebody in future. Stop belittling yourself and never despise smaller beginnings.

4. Simplicity is awesome

Did you see the cars? Bet you did! They were so neat. Neat to the extent that they could make you scream for joy. Someone was asking about the people who waxed the cars. It is all about maintenance especially with the carriage that was built in 1902 (I am told) but was still used for the occasion. The Duke of Cambridge dressed simply.

Dresses and everything used for the occasion were impeccable. I didn’t see any showcase of breasts (the tradition of SOME Ghanaian ladies now.) I didn’t see anyone causing trouble as seen at certain weddings. Lastly, it took less than 45 minutes to end the wedding which is something you don’t see in Ghana. Pastors talk for hours. Services are held for hours just to bless one wedding. That time could be used to do something productive. To the GH pastors, please learn to cut certain things short. Spending a lot of hours at a wedding doesn’t help.

5. Don’t miss Heaven

Ok I know it is very difficult or impossible for someone to have a wedding as grand as this. The whole world came to a standstill. It is one of the most watched events in the history of the world. It was huge and magnificent. If you are unable to enjoy such a thing as this….. If you are unable to experience life as a prince….. If you are unable to see all this grandeur in your life, why do you have to also miss heaven? That is the ultimate. Why suffer on earth and also suffer in hell? Make a choice today. Thank you.

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