Ghana: 40 funny acronyms for groups emerging from the NDC!

Acronyms for groups emerging after Nana Konadu declared to contest President Mills. Ei Ghana! Let's know which one you would prefer to join.
1. FOAM - Friends Of Atta Mills
2. GAME - Get Atta Mills Elected
3. SADAM - Sons And Daughters of Atta Mills
4. BASAM - Br3d3s And Sisters of Atta Mills
5. SEA - Supporters of Egya Atta
6. FAFAM - Friends And Family of Atta Mills
7. ENEMA - ENEmies of Massa Atta
8. SAEMA - Secret Admirers of Egya Mills Atta
9. AMASS -Atta Mills Association of Slow Starters (HQ- OSU)
10. PWAJMAUA- People Who Are Just Mad About Uncle Atta. Motto: Don't mind the long name!
11. FS 24 RA - Font Size 24 Readers Association Motto: Seeing is Believing.
12. AMSSAC - Atta Mills Society of Sycophants And Cowards.
13. OMAMA - Oh Massa Atta, Make Active.
14. SUAME - Supporting Unilaterally Atta Mills Everyday.
15. AMFCV - Atta Mills Foundation For Contractors and Vets.
16. MAMW - Massa Atta Make Wild!
17. DJAM -DJs Against Mills  Motto: Enkoyie...
18. AMA - Ahba Massa Atta!!
19. AFGUAN - Alliance For Getting Uncle Atta Nominated
20. AFWAS - Association For West African Slowpokes. Chairman -Uncle Atta. Motto : We shall get there someday..
21. KAO - Kick Atta Out!
22. PKOA - Prefer Konadu Over Atta
23. TAFAM- Tamale Footsoldiers Against Mills
24. WWEAM - We Want Evans Atta Mills
25. MTN 2012 - Mills Tena Nky3n 2012
26. AFAC - Atta FAn Club
27. ATONE 2012- Atta Or No Election 2012
28. FAMAKO - Friends of Atta Mills Against KOnadu
29. AMOGS - Atta Mills Opposition Go Shame
30. BANK 2012: Back Atta Not Konadu
31. PAOK - Prefer Atta Over Konadu
32. DWFAFC- Dzi wo fie asem fun club
33. LOAFS - Lovers Of Atta's Fashion Statements. Motto: Political suit all the way.
34. COHIGRA - Coalition of Hitting the Ground Runners Association. Its only a
theoritical group with no practical experience...
35. FOAMACH:Friends Of Atta Mills Against Cat Hunting
36. LUMEAM: Lucky Mensah Against Mills. Motto: No payola, No support.
37. VUBA - Volta United Behind Atta
38. OLONKA - Organised Ladies for Nana Konadu Agemang-Rawlings
39. AFKoM - Abankyetufuo for Koo Mills. Motto: the deeper the dig, the better the booty.
40. AGeYSO - Atta Get Your Swag On!
NB: These acronyms were collated from some good people of Ghana. The land of Humor. It is all for fun.
Don't take it personal if you are an NDC supporter or fanatic. LOL
Long Live Ghana!