Most people tremble when they hear about death.  I can say 99% of us run when death is mentioned. The 1% could possibly be the suicide bombers. Death is the irreversible cessation of life. It involves a complete change in the status of a living entity—the loss of its essential characteristics. However death could also have some benefits – to the living and the dead. There are five things death whispers into my ears anytime someone dies or I go to a funeral. These 5 things were made very vivid when I lost Mr. Emmanuel Larbi, a father.


               1.       Appreciate people when they are around you

One thing I have realized is that we sometimes forget to appreciate people when they are around us. We forget that tomorrow is not assured. We have today to make things count. If you intend to let someone know you love him or her at a later date, you may regret it as he or she will be taken by another or by death. Tomorrow may be too late to show people you love them. Express your feelings today. Let your dad or mom know that you love him or her. You never know when death may strike. You never really can tell.

                2.       Let go, Let God.

We all have an assignment on earth. We are here for a purpose. We have spaces in our hands so that another’s may fill them. We rely on one another. Even if you are the richest man in the world, you rely on people who are poor to keep your company or businesses going. We cannot all be the same. Imagine if there was only white as the color in the world and everything was white. Your shoes, clothes, food, plants, animals, etc would confuse you. Death whispers into my ear and tells me that when people finish their assignments in your life they will surely go. God will bring a substitute to continue the journey with you. The people you left in the past are there because their part in your life is ended. They don’t belong in your future. Let go, let God.


              3.       This too shall pass!

Look back, you can always see traces of the same thing you were able to survive. It has just happened, it will surely pass. When we lose a loved one, we think the world is coming to an end. If it happens to be your dad or mom, it is even worse but there is one thing death tells us. Regardless of the pain you go through, you are able to rise and live your life again. That applies to life in general. Whatever be the situation, don’t give up. Don’t harbor the thought of death. For you may be down today but tomorrow may be the day you are lifted up. This too, shall pass!


               4.       Make peace!

If you are lucky to have the parting moments with the person, don’t be too arrogant with your knees and heart. Pour everything out and say sorry before the good bye. Good memories cannot be replaced with anything. A smile from the heart is a treasure. There is a time for everything. I shudder when I hear people cursing others who are on their sick bed. Phrases like “go to hell” and “I hate you” are heard so often. What happens when the person dies? Do you gather the strength to cry? Death is a ritual. It is appointed unto man to die once. If the person has offended you, learn to forgive and vice versa. Peace makes the world go round.


                5.       Know thy creator!

To those who don’t believe in God, this may sound insipid or better still unnecessary but I believe in a creator. I believe in God. I see people die most of the time and I know there is a place where they go. While some die in peace, others die in torment. Screams like ‘please give me water’ are so often heard. It tells us there is a creator. It tells us there is judgement.  I tell people death teaches me so many things than weddings or parties and they look at me in awe. Yeah the latter is all about fun but the former makes you think. We will be accountable some day!


Hope I didn’t scare you because that’s the last thing on my mind.

I wish to pay tribute to Mr. Emmanuel Larbi, a father, a friend and a savior. Daddy, we will forever love you. Your daughter, Afia Sarfowaa will never disappoint you. May your soul rest in perfect peace! To anyone who has ever lost a loved one, my sincere condolences.



12 thoughts on “5 things death whispered to me!

  1. I cant hold my tears Eben… My father was everything to me. Wat is life now without a father, a mother, a brother or sister… am hopeless now. but will work with ur words… Thanks very much Eben

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