Eusbett Hotel, Sunyani

When I was told to be in Sunyani, I was so excited….excited because the city is one that makes me feel at home. I arrived early in the morning.  One of the missions was to talk to some students at the Sunyani Polytechnic. Students who want to soar like the eagle …who want to make an impact in life and who want to make Mother Ghana proud. There is also a funeral I am to attend on Saturday to celebrate the life of a mother who has grown past 100 years. Something that is uncommon in these modern times. It’s so difficult to find the Methuselahs of this generation. Sin, eating habits, accidents to mention but a few make us leave the face of the earth so early lately. Enough of that! Sunyani is the city: the place where Kwabena, my brother from another mother was raised. When I told him I was going to his hometown, he was a little bit jealous. LOL… Anyways, the city has endeared me a lot. I therefore decided to write this post.

          1.       Women of NATURAL beauty!

It is very rare to see “artificial” women in this city. Yeah I have to say it. In Accra and Kumasi, I see women who paint their faces blue, pink, indigo, violet and even magenta all the time. I have visited this city like 7 times and it is so rare to see these colors on the faces of the women. It is all about the natural beauty. Do not be tempted to say that, they are colloquial. They are not…. They are simply beautiful and proud of their skin. I see a lot of people with natural hair and yes I love natural hair. One feature of the human body that is also in abundance and something that most young men love is the bum. You look at some of the ladies and you know why Castro and Asamoah Gyan went with the phrase… “Ghanaian women are sexy as cheese.” Erm…. Let me move on.

        2.       No trotros but taxi fares are super cheap.

There is one tradition in this city. You don’t see any Trotro. In Accra, the rich take Trotro and the super rich board taxis. I say this because the fares are gargantuan. When I am moving from Dansoman to Circle with a taxi, I pay ₵1.50. That’s the price when you take a ‘dropping’ in this city. The taxi drivers are also very friendly. Ok….. Ghanaians are generally hospitable but the people of Sunyani are more than hospitable. They tell you stories upon stories when you board their cars. It’s simply lovely.


              3.       The place is neat and not densely populated

As greenghanaian stated when she wrote about the state of the environment in Ghana, the number of people in Accra and Kumasi outnumbers the infrastructure or facilities in place. There is dirt everywhere because “we eat our shit” in this country as Greenghanaian would say. Sunyani is different. This place is just like Takoradi where rubbish is controlled. In Accra, you don’t even find a dustbin when you are walking through the streets of Osu and East Legon; the places that are noted for inhabiting the rich in the society. This place is neat and homely. There is no problem with accommodation as well. If you want a room to rent, you would never suffer like it happens in Accra and Kumasi.

              4.        The city is well segmented…. no floods.

Suburbs are named in an interesting way.  They have Berlin Top, South Ridge, SSNIT Flat and Airport Residential Area. The city is nice and there is no problem when it rains. Accra floods anytime it rains. The Kwame Nkrumah Circle is a swimming pool when it pours. It’s horrible. All the banks you can think of in Ghana have branches in Sunyani. It isn’t a village if someone told you so. It’s a safe haven. A place where you can escape the armed robbery and murder attempts that we experience each day in the capital city.

No traffic!

            5.       There is NO TRAFFIC!

Don’t you just hate traffic? If you don’t, I do. I hate sitting in a car for 2 to 3 hours and the car will just move 1 kilometer. A trip from Dansoman or Korle Bu to Legon will take you close to 3 hours. The same trip can be made in less than 30 minutes on a Sunday when there is no traffic. Just think about it.

I have made an inquiry on a plot of land at Berlin Top. I encourage you to make a trip down here and do likewise if you cherish a place with a low cost of living. I don’t even want to talk about how peaceful and green the city is. There is an airport….awesome hospitals…. What more can you ask for? The city dey be kɛkɛ!

50 thoughts on “5 reasons to make SUNYANI your home.

  1. Awww tweeny, dis is a bewwwtiful piece. Sunyani is most def. a town every Ghanaian shd plan spending at least a week at- for a change. I have had the chance of viewing BA’s capital and it’s exactly how uve described it…nice!

  2. Thank you, Nana. Good you blogged your experience. I’ve been meaning to visit the place sometime soon (never stayed more than a night). Accra life is CRAP but Kumasi is way better. I like Kumasi. I intend to move out of the capital when I’m done with my education. I’m torn between Kumasi and Sunyani tho . . . (awesome piece)

    1. Wow. I bet we have to move out together then. Thanks for liking the post. Kumasi is way better than Accra and Sunyani is also better than Kumasi. LOL….. It makes for a difficult decision.

  3. Thanks for this post. Sun City is my ideal town (or city). I am even thinking of relocating there. The town’s fluidity makes it an awesome place to live

  4. Now Nana, you really make me want to visit Sunyani too. When the Neatest town in Ghana was awarded some years ago, Sunyani won twice before Akosombo took over. Akosombo is my playground! Time to see Sunyani too. Awesome post.

    1. I have been to Akosombo once. I guess I have to come again and take a look again. I enjoyed Akuse once as well. Sunyani is an awesome place.

      Akosombo could be neater than Sunyani now but the cost of living is lower in the latter so keep that on your “to-do list.”

      It’s really a fun place to be and you won’t regret it.

  5. I took some pictures of Akuse last year. You know that was where I was born, raised and still reside at. My whole life. I will blog Akuse so that you can re-live the experience. It will be up soon 🙂

  6. Great piece of note Nana.Facts laid on grounds. I had felt like in paradise when I once visited some sceneric spot in the region. Then i started thinking about how other cities would benefit from the sanitation and otherwise of the city. Bravo.

    1. Being an environmentalist, I know you are so proud of the sanitation in Sunyani. However, they need to MAINTAIN that or improve upon it. Maintenance is always a problem in Ghana.

  7. I remember when my fiancee told me he was being taken there l got angry with him till I went there for a visit oh,my God I did not want to come back to Accra it is a peaceful place I can wait to be transfered there

  8. I served @ Sunyani after school. Since then my heart has always been there. I realized thah living in Accra is just a state of the mind. Because the reality is thah the city has the quality of life than Sunyani.

  9. Nana,I’m happy with d piece of information I just got here,cause I was actually planning to relocate to Ghana with my two daughters but didn’t really know were exactly to reside,hence I went online and bumped into u.pls I will also love to know more about accomodation there and how affordable they are.and also know about good primary schools were my kids can attend.thank u so much.

      1. I understood that accomodation there now is on the high side oweing to the influx of immigrants,so pls I will love to know like how much a room with kitchen,toilet and bathroom all inside could cost and also I’m planning to relocate by july and would want to no if i can have ur contact so I can have a good guide as I don’t have anyone there.

  10. I had my secondary education in sun-city. in fact I always tell my fiancée that I will relocate there one day to stay permanently.

    heeerrr, the ladies there paaa be pretty. Missing my ex ladies over there : Panin@ baakoniaba, Abigail@abesim, Janet and Joyce @ fiapre. the town dey bee k3k3.

    miss all my guys over there.

  11. Awesome post my friend….old but still a good one! As an educated American planning to to visit Ghana soon (Year of the Return) could I possibly get more info on this city from you (Sunyani) and the changes its gone through over the years????

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